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We support bald folks


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1 out of 3 men experience male pattern baldness.

Some, do not care at all. It is just hair!

Others, however, struggle during this journey.

Our Mission

We commit to making you look and feel better

Promote Confidence

Empower all individuals throughout their journey of balding to live fully at their peak with inspiring and informational content.

Community SUpport

Build a community with bald individuals in social media . Peer support is crucial , especially just before the shave it off day.

destigmatize baldness

We challenge how society thinks and reacts towards baldness. Trash all the stereotypes.

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Nick | ONe peak co-founder

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Hello, it is Nick from One Peak. I decided to start One Peak with the vision to unite all bald men and to enable us to feel confident under our skin. We own it! When I started to lose my hair, I felt the need to have someone to share this journey, and this is exactly the root cause of One Peak. Stay Bald, stay cool. Embrace the bald new world!

One day, I decided it to shave it off. I felt liberated. I am embracing it now!

I was looking myself at the mirror , unable to recognize myself. I was losing hair.

I was ashamed and wearing hats trying to hide my thinning hair.

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from people like you


There are many stories out there, just like yours. You are not alone, just be brave & share yours too. Challenge the norm & hats off.

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Don't turn your back. No hair means more


Explore & learn about baldness. There is an knowledge gap & we are trying to bridge it by raising awarenss and educational content. No hair? Definitenly, more care. It is up to you, mate.

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It is about style &


Just shave it off , remove your hat. Breathe. Be confident. You just lost your hair, not your head. It is still you.

Lifestyle tips to look & feel at your peak.

It is only one life & one peak. Yours.

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